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Please come and meet our Female Keeshonds and see them for yourself. Visitors are always welcome to come, to visit and meet our Female Keeshonds, they will meet you at the door with waggy tails and bunches of kisses, as the Keeshond dog has a wonderful outgoing personality, providing a wonderful addition to any family.

Tootsie, beautiful Keeshond
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Tootsie 2017 ribbons Tootsie 2018 ribbons

Female Keeshond: Clingmey's Steppin on Toes (Tootsie).
Color: Black/Cream/Silver
D.O.B. 5/15/17
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PHPT results | OFA Patellas | OFA Cardiac

Kati, a sweet Keeshond
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Kati 2015

Kati wins BOB in Wildwood, NJ Jan 2015

Kati wins her 2nd major today in Oaks, Pa going WB BW BOS 

Kati, Wildwood, NJ Kati, Wildwood, NJ 

Female Keeshond: AKC/UKC/IC-CH. Nadira Sumbarsky Pramen (Kati).
Color: Black/Cream
D.O.B. 7/16/12
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View her AKC Pedigree

Additional Info: Kati is PHPT Negative by descent.

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OFA Eyes | OFA Elbows | OFA Hips | OFA CHIC | OFA Patellas | Penn Hip
OFA Thyroid

Kati AKC Championship Certficate Kati Capital Award.

Kati Intercontinental Award. Kati International Award.

Kati UKC Show Championship Certficate.

Home Grown Honey (Boo)
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Boo 2017  Boo's ribbons

Boo's ribbons Boo's ribbons

Boo's speciality ribbons

Boo in Lambertville NJ goes WB BW BOS, on August 6, 2016.


Boo AKC ribbons Jan. 19th 2017.


Boo BCAT Title 2017.   Boo AKC 2018.

Female Keeshond: UKC CH Clingmey's Home Grown Honey RN BCAT DCAT CGC (Boo).
Color: Black/Cream/Silver
D.O.B. 03/30/2015
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Boo | • Boo

Credentials: (click on link to view image)
OFA Cardiac | OFA Patellas | OFA Thyroid | PHPT results | OFA Elbows | OFA Hips

Kandy Boo, Achiever Dog certificate.

Boo, Keeshond Show Championship certificate. Boo, Rally title certificate.

Boo, AKC Good Citizen certificate.Boo, CKC award.

Liar Liar (Jossa)
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Jossa won beginner puppy 4 to 6 mo. Feb. 1, 2015 Wildwood NJ, non-sporting group
Jossa winning ribbons, 2015 California Jossa winning ribbons, 2015 California Jossa winning her 1st leg towards her CA Title
Jossa winning best female and reserve

Jossa winning her first international dog shows

Jossa completed her UKC CH., on April 16, 2016.  Jossa in Freehold NJ May 27 went BOB and WB

Female Keeshond: AKC CH, UKC CH Clingmey's Liar Liar RN (Jossa).
Color: Black/Cream/Silver
D.O.B. 10/01/14
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Credentials: (click on link to view image)
OFA Cardiac | OFA Patellas | OFA Thyroid | OFA Elbows | OFA Hips | PHPT results

Liar | • Liar | • Liar

Jossa, Rally title certificate. Jossa, AKC Champ cert.

Jossa, Keeshond Show Championship certificate. Liar Liar, Achiever Dog certificate.
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